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Become mindless. Clear as glass, flowing like clear cool water, zoning out and into complete oneness with my voice and eyes. Mindless.

High definition 1080p with audio and visual special effects.


Intense mindwash, extreme maximum mesmerizing power. Give in to your impulses, your desires, wanting to give Me control. Forget everything. Nothing exists except this moment in time, as if your life were only the distant memory of a dream.

Feel as if you are floating away on My voice, everything else fading off into the distance, fading... 

My bright shiny pocket watch focuses you into deep submission. 

Tick tock... like a heartbeat. 

Like your heartbeat. 


Your heart beats for Me now.

My red luscious lips and amazing cleavage are burned into your mind, tendrils of control reaching deep into your brain.

Down and down and around and round spiraling around and around, dizzy, looking to Me for reassurance, spiraling out

of control. Deeper and deeper still, pulling you into mesmerizing ecstasy.


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